ACES2013 has ended
Association for Counselor Education and Supervision 2013 Conference -  October 17 - 20, 2013 Denver, CO

Alwin Wagener

UNC Greensboro
Visiting Assistant Professor
Alwin E. Wagener, Ph.D., NCC is a passionate counselor educator who comes from the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. He believes in cultivating a rich classroom environment in which student experience, course information, and counseling approaches are integrated, and he looks forward to supporting students in their journey to become professional counselors. His primary research focus is on inner-imagery based experiences such as dreams, nightmares, and metaphors, and he is developing research to better understand the following: the role of dreams and nightmares in psychologically healing from trauma; how working with clients’ dreams, nightmares, and metaphors in counseling can promote mental health recovery; and how to modify negative internal experiences, such as nightmares, to aid mental health and trauma recovery. He enjoys working with students to help them develop their counseling skills and knowledge and also hopes to collaborate with students in the creation of research important for the counseling field and beneficial to clients.