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Association for Counselor Education and Supervision 2013 Conference -  October 17 - 20, 2013 Denver, CO
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Sunday, October 20

8:00am MDT

Training Counselors to Respond to Transgenerational Trauma: Lessons From Qualitative Case Studies with Immigrant Families Centennial G Advocacy for the Diverse LGBTQ Population on Campuses: Faculty and Student Affairs Professionals and the Power of Support and Respect Centnnial H Attached to Advocacy: How Neurobiology Shapes Understanding, Instructing, and Practicing Advocacy Agate C DSM-5 Basics: Structural, Philosophical, and Major Diagnostic Changes Centennial C Enhancing Counseling Students' Multicultural Competency through a Study Abroad Course Mineral C Experiences of Multiracial Individuals: Racial Mislabeling and the Effects Thereof Granite B How To Grow a Counselor Educator: The Doctoral Internship Experience in Counselor Education and Supervision Programs Mineral D Integrating Service-Learning into School Counselor Education Programs Centennial A Integrative Reflective Model of Group Supervision Quartz A LGB Counselor Competence: The Relationship Between Training, Clinical Experience, and Relationships Centennial B Out of My Comfort Zone:A Mixed Methods Investigation on Counselor Trainees' Work with PBPV Survivors Granite C Standard-Specific Departmental Strategies for Affirming Diversity Quartz B Strategies for Assessment: Linking Standards, SLOs, and Assessment in a CACREP Self-Study Mineral E Sustainability, Nature, and Assessment? An Interesting and Effective Course Redesign Centennial F Teaching Social and Cultural Issues in Counseling to Graduate Students in Counselor Education: Must Have Content, Assignments, and Technology Mineral G The Why, How, Who and What of the Masters in Psychology and Counseling Accreditation Council (MPCAC) Mineral F Urban School Counselors and Advocacy Savvy Granite A

9:00am MDT

Affirming Students in Crisis: Managing the Dual Role of Counselor Educator and Counselor Quartz A Beyond Knowledge and Awareness: Promoting Skill Development for LGBQ Competency Centennial B Counselors as Allies: An Affirming Approach for Counseling and Supervision with LGBTQ Clients Centnnial H Effectively Evaluating the Professional and Ethical Competence of Substance Abuse Counselors Granite B Engaging Counselor Educators in National Science Foundation (NSF) Funded Research in STEM Centennial F Enhancing the Career Development of Undocumented Latino Students: A Qualitative Analysis of School Counselors Mineral F Grounding Cognitive Empathy and Connection in Preparing Culturally Competent Counselors Centennial G Incivility in the Graduate Counseling Classroom: Analysis of Current Trends and Best Practices for Counselor Educators Centennial A Mental Health Professionals and GLBTQ Youth: Experiences and Best Practices Granite A Predictors of Novice Counselor Self-Efficacy: The Relationship Between Graduate Training and Serious Mental Illness Client Caseload Agate B Preparing School Counselors for Advocacy, Collaboration, and Ethical Decision Making Mineral D The Negative Impact of Sexual and Gender Identity Microaggressions in Counseling and Counselor Education Mineral B The Razor C.O.A.C.H Program: A Career and College Coaching Partnership Between a University and Community School Districts Quartz B The Use of Service-Learning with Beginning Counseling Students Mineral G Training School Counseling Students in Program Evaluation Centennial C Training School Counselors to Promote Unity, Equity, and Cultural Competence Mineral E Uniting Post-Masters Counselors in Training: A Model for Statewide Association Development Mineral C Using a Supervision Model to Construct an Individualized Learning Plan for the Diverse Supervisee Agate A Using CBPR Methods to Address Prescriptions Drug Abuse in an Urban Appalachian Community Granite C Veterans in the Classroom: An Untapped Resource of Experiences Agate C

10:00am MDT

Affirming Diversity of Perspective and Unity of Purpose: Reflecting Team Supervision in Action Granite A Building School Counselor Leadership Capacity Mineral F Circular Model of Individual and Relational Functioning Agate B Counselor Educators Role in Fostering School Counseling and Mental Health Counseling Collaboration Mineral B Creativity and Supervision: Sandtray as an Assessment Tool for Counselor Development Mineral C Demystifying the Research Process in the Counseling Field Centennial F Dissertation Best Practices - Doctoral Student and Faculty Perspectives Centennial G Essential Clinical Skills for Counselors: The Mental Status Exam and Suicide Assessment Mineral E Great Expectations: Doctoral Student Mothers in Counselor Education Centennial H Promoting Unity Through University Collaboration While Mitigating the Deficit of Rural Mental Health Services Centennial A Proposed Guidelines for Operating Counselor Education and Supervision Training Clinics Centennial C Relationship Education With Low-Income, Ethnically Diverse Couples: Challenges and Successes Granite B Revealing Accounts About Teen Dating Violence: A Narrative Exploration of One Family's First-hand Experience Quartz B School Counselors' Perceptions of Digital Natives: A Qualitative Study Mineral D Supervising the Visually-Impaired Counselor Centennial B Supervising Trainees Working with Clients Presenting with Sexual Concerns and Intimacy Issues Granite C Supervision Certification: Experiential Training for Cultural and Class Awareness Mineral G The Next Wave of Multiculturalism: Applications for Counselors, Supervisors, and Counselor Educators Quartz A The Therapeutic Value of Pilgrimage: Results from a Grounded Theory Study Agate C Using Reflecting Teams in Clinical Training Agate A

11:00am MDT

Animal-Assisted Supervision Centennial H Building Professional Bridges: Counselor Educators, Site Supervisors, and School Counselor Candidates Collaborating to Close K-16 Achievement, Opportunity, and Attainment Gaps (TSCCAIN) Quartz A Curricular Abstinence: The Lack of Sexuality Education in School Counselor Training Programs Mineral G Enriching Counseling Student's Educational Experience by Incorporating Service-learning Research Agate A Fostering Academic Integrity in Graduate Students to Strengthen Counselor Education Programs Mineral F Great Therapists of the Twentieth Century: The Unveiling of an Animated Website Centennial B Group Work with Children and Adolescents: Using Ecotherapy to Promote Mental and Emotional Health Centennial G How a College/Community Collaboration Using Scholars to Inform Policy Recommendations Unites a City, and Cultivates Internships, Research, and Best Practices Agate C Intercultural Competence: Preparing Counselors to Work and Serve in Intercultural Settings Mineral B Multicultural Perspectives: Creating Personal Balance While Trying to Achieve Effective Teaching, Scholarship, and Service Granite B Narrating Your Professional Story: Using Narrative Strategies in the Academic Job Search Process Mineral C Painting a Blank White Canvas: Institutionalizing Cultural Competence in Majority-White Counseling Programs Mineral D Reflection Beyond the Page: Creative Alternatives to Journaling in Counselor Education and Supervision Quartz B Reflective Pedagogy: Promoting Critical Examination of the Roles of Counselor Educators Granite A Supervision in Three Dimensions: An Empirically Grounded Approach to Supervise and Train Supervisors Mineral E Technological Endurance in Distance Education: It's a Tough Race! Centennial C Understanding Best Practices in Clinical Supervision for Aspiring School Counselors Granite C Unity around the ASCA National Model Framework - Diversity in Application in School Counselor Education Centennial A Using Qualitative Research Methods to Teach a Multicultural Counseling Course Agate B Using the SACRED Model for Addressing Spirituality in Counseling & Supervision: Teaching and Application Centennial F
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