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Association for Counselor Education and Supervision 2013 Conference -  October 17 - 20, 2013 Denver, CO
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Thursday, October 17

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CACREP Table Talk Mineral F & G CSI Chapter Leaders Training Mineral D & E Assessing Counseling-Students' Counseling Skills: An Experiential Approach Granite C Competency in Working with Clients with Learning Disabilities Agate C Encouraging Counselor Self-Care with Tablet Technology and Applications Granite A Enhancing Diversity Awareness via Experiential Learning: The Use of Films in a Sexuality Course Centennial D Integrating Mindfulness into Counselor Education: Responding to the Diverse Voices of our Clients Quartz B Integrating Neuroscience Research into Counselor Education and Supervision: Practical Digests for Utilizing an Exciting Frontier Mineral C Meeting the Needs of Diverse Learners Through iPad Implementation Mineral B RTI and Behavior: Are Your Social-emotional Behavioral Interventions Effective? Mineral A SACES/ACES Emerging Leaders' Workshop: A Program Evaluation and Survey of Outcomes Centennial B Teaching Strategies to Help Promote Critical Thinking in Counselor Education and Supervision Agate B The Mental Health Facilitator (MHF): A Program to Meet Diverse International and Domestic Needs Centennial C Using Integral Theory in the Treatment of Sexual Dysfunction Granite B ACA Research Meeting Quartz A SY1: Grounded Theory Study of School Counselor Development: Implications for Training and Supervision Centennial A SY1: Promoting Professional Wellness During Graduate Training of School Counselors Centennial A SY1: School and School Counselor Attributes and the ASCA National Model Centennial A

12:00pm MDT

A Humanistic Approach to Promoting High-Level Thinking in Counselors-in-Training: Attitudes and Strategies for the Classroom Centennial E An Examination of Racial Microaggressions in Multiple Organizational Contexts Mineral D CANCELLED - The Socialization Practices Used by Low-income Urban Black Transient Families to Help Their Children Acculturate Agate C Equity and Diversity in a Multicultural World: Understanding the Psychodynamics of Acculturation Mineral C Experiences, Challenges, and Tips for Live International Counseling Supervision Education via Skype Granite A Feminist Supervision: Promoting Diversity, Equality, and Social Change Agate A Integrating Treatment Planning Across the Curriculum: A Multicultural Approach Agate B Personal Faith Journeys: How Our Spiritual Beliefs Inform Our Social Justice Commitment Mineral B Playing in the Sand: Utilizing Sandtray Supervision as a Tool to Identify Counter-Transference and Cultural Themes Centennial D Recognizing and Addressing Group Dynamics in the Classroom or Supervision Session: Practical Applications for Counselor Educators and Supervisors Centennial B Sacred Trust: A Call to Today's Clinicians to Move Beyond Tolerance and Authentically Embrace their Client's Religious and Spiritual Explorations Quartz B Supervising Counselors Working With Those Living With HIV/AIDS: A Culturally Responsive Framework Centennial C Teaching Diversity: Utilization of Experiential Learning Approaches Granite C The Missing Piece: Integrating Play Therapy into Counselor Education Quartz A Training Counselors to Use Cognitive Experiential Dream Work in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) Granite B Trauma Redefined: Implications of DSM-5 PTSD Revisions on Counselor Pedagogy, Training, and Supervision Mineral A A Silent Minority: Working with Male Sexual Assault Survivors - R7 Centennial F, G, & H Counselor Empathy and Trauma - R6 Centennial F, G, & H Creating Stewards of the Discipline: Essential Elements of an Effective Counselor Education Ph.D. Program - R15 Centennial F, G, & H Critical Thinking: A Lost Art in Case Conceptualization? - R3 Centennial F, G, & H Developing Trauma-informed Counselors - R9 Centennial F, G, & H Diversity in Delivery: Processing Assessments in Counselor Training - R5 Centennial F, G, & H Doctoral Student Reflections on Diversity and Unity in a Hybrid Program: The Good, Bad, and Ugly - R16 Centennial F, G, & H First Year Doctoral Students & Global Counseling Experiences - R18 Centennial F, G, & H Meeting the Demand: Trauma-informed Counseling Constructs for Children and Adolescents in Counselor Education and Supervision - R11 Centennial F, G, & H Planning a Departmental Response to Students in Crisis: Working Together to Create Best Practice Strategies for the Good of the Student, Department, and Public - R10 Centennial F, G, & H Responding to CES Hiring Trends: The Teaching Philosophy & Research Statement - R13 Centennial F, G, & H Supervision Model for Training School Counseling Master's Students in Israel - R4 Centennial F, G, & H The Doctoral Student Survival Kit: Fifty Tips and Tricks for Excellence - R14 Centennial F, G, & H The Role of Individual Personality Differences in the Triadic Supervisory Working Alliance - R17 Centennial F, G, & H Trauma Treatment, Curriculum, and Supervision: What Research Says - R8 Centennial F, G, & H Unifying a College Campus to Prevent Death by Suicide and Related Mental Health Issues - R12 Centennial F, G, & H Using Psychodrama and Role Play in the Pre-Practicum/Basic Skills Experience - R1 Centennial F, G, & H Values Conflict in Counseling: Student Confusion with Values & Competence - R2 Centennial F, G, & H

1:30pm MDT

ACES Graduate Students Mineral B A Case for a Counselor Education Research Team: Mentorship, Scholarship, & Training Centennial D Counselor Educators' Guide to the Program Evaluation [and Grant] Galaxy: Implications for Social Justice Mineral C Death of the VCR!?! How Current Technology Can Fill The Gap Centennial B Don't be a Zombie! The Heart of How You Create Unity Between Your Body, Brain, and Others Quartz A Exploring the Effectiveness of Photo-Journaling: Developing Social and Cultural Self-Awareness among Counselors-In-Training Mineral D Figurines in the Sand: Integrating Sandtray into the Supervision Process Agate A Group Supervision Using a Reflecting Team Model: The Interviewer's Role Granite C Helping Your Supervisees Get 'Unstuck': Use of Pictorial Narratives to Open Up the Supervisory Conversation Granite B Narratives as Knowledge: Using Narrative Inquiry to Inform Counseling Interventions for African-American Fathers of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) Agate B Removing My Foggy Lens: Learning Acceptance of Religious Ideologies through Supervision Agate C Research-Service Partnerships with Local Schools: Establishing Evidence-Based Practices for Diverse and Underserved Populations of Children Centennial C Supervising Counselors Working with Resistant Adolescents: Strategies and Interventions Granite A Systematic Recall Supervision: A New Twist on Kagen's IPR Model of Supervision Using the Counselor Interaction Analysis (CIA) Quartz B Tackling the Tenure-track: Balancing Teaching, Scholarship, Service, & Collegiality Centennial E Ethics and Professional Standards Interest Network Mineral A Achieving in an Unfamiliar Territory: Minority Women Pursuing Doctoral Degrees! - R17 Centennial F, G, & H Building a Collaborative Culture Among Doctoral Students in Counselor Education and Supervision Training Programs - R14 Centennial F, G, & H Counselor Educator Essential Technologies for Use In the Counseling Classroom, In the Field, and In the Cloud - R16 Centennial F, G, & H Dining, Drinks, and Dissertation: Creating a Culture of Cohort Support Through the Dissertation Process - R9 Centennial F, G, & H Get with the Program! Unifying Counselor Educators and Graduate Counseling Students on Best Practices for Helping Students Through Their Program Healthier Than When They Started. - R6 Centennial F, G, & H Grant Writing for Counselor Educators: Obtaining External Funding and Program Sustainability Tips - R4 Centennial F, G, & H I Like Your Status: Influencing Counselor Competency through Social Media - R12 Centennial F, G, & H If You Give a Mooshin a Muffin: A Doctoral Cohort's Experience with Research Mentorship - R1 Centennial F, G, & H Leadership in Counselor Education: A Learning Contract Approach to Leadership Development - R11 Centennial F, G, & H Maintaining Integrity of Counselor Education as a Profession: Fostering Individuality & Diversity of New Professors - R10 Centennial F, G, & H Making the Move in Counselor Education: Finding Community in a New Place - R5 Centennial F, G, & H May the Fifth Force Be with You: Integrating Social Justice in Counselor Education at the Doctoral Level - R7 Centennial F, G, & H Navigating Multiple Identities: Supporting First Generation and Ethnic Minority Graduate Students in Counselor Education - R18 Centennial F, G, & H Obtaining a Job in Counselor Education: What Do I Want and How Do I Get There? - R3 Centennial F, G, & H Perspectives on Therapeutic Alliance: Dialogue About Then, Now, and the Future - R13 Centennial F, G, & H The Dynamics of Rural Life: What Counselor Educators Need to Know - R2 Centennial F, G, & H The Perceptions of Standardized Tests, Academic Self-efficacy, and Academic Performance of African American Graduate Students: A Correlational and Comparative Analysis. - R15 Centennial F, G, & H Understanding and Assisting Doctoral Level Students with the Role of Self-Efficacy, Locus of Control, and Self-Handicapping in Dissertation Completion - R8 Centennial F, G, & H SY2: A Comparison of Online and Face-to-Face Group Counseling: Information for Counselor Education Centennial A SY2: Are Online Learners Measuring Up to Their Traditional Counterparts? Centennial A SY2: The Blue Head Research Project for Creativity in the Online Classroom Centennial A CACREP New Team Chair Training Mineral F & G

2:30pm MDT

A Creative STEM-BASED intervention Model: Improving Attitudes and Knowledge of Math and Science Granite C A Parade of Evidence-Based School Counseling Practices: Voices From the Field and the Classroom Granite B Building Student Writing Skills Agate B Educational Leader and Mental Health Professional: Training for a Balanced School Counselor Identity Mineral C Motivational Strategies for School Counselors (TSCAIN) Agate C Neuroscience-based Counselor Education and Supervision: Research-Supported Evidence and Theoretical Models Supporting an Integrated Approach to Professional Training Centennial B Supervision Strategies for the Millennial Generation of Counseling Supervisees Quartz A The Power of Feedback: Improving Counselor Training, Accountability, and Supervision with Formal Client Feedback Granite A The Use of Play and Play Therapy in School Counseling Mineral B Training School Counselors to Conduct Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper Trainings in their Schools Centennial C Transforming School Counseling: A Journey of Discoveries, Opportunities, Challenges, and Impact (TSSCCAIN) Quartz B Understanding Researcher Identity Development in Doctoral Students Agate A Unifying School Counselors and Principals by Exploring their Unique Roles and Ideologies Centennial D Supervision Interest Network Mineral A An Ethical Examination of the Student Development and Remediation Process for Counselors in Training - R18 Centennial F, G, & H Beyond Academic Standards: A Gatekeeping Tool for Counselor Educators - R12 Centennial F, G, & H Complementary and Alternative Modalities (CAM) and Counselor Supervision - R5 Centennial F, G, & H Counseling & Values: Determining the Appropriate Role for a Counselor's Personal Values - R10 Centennial F, G, & H Defining 'Spirituality' in Counselor Education: Potential Impact in the Lives of Counselors-in-training - R3 Centennial F, G, & H Examining Dual Relationships in the Supervision of Counseling Students from Practicum to Licensure - R4 Centennial F, G, & H Experiential Groups in Counselor Education: Putting Ethics and Training Standards into Practice - R11 Centennial F, G, & H Fusing Multicultural Sensitivity and Ethics in Counselor Education: A Japanese Case Study Activity - R1 Centennial F, G, & H Gatekeeping & Remediation Practices in Counselor Education - R17 Centennial F, G, & H Helping Supervisees to Reconcile Personal Values and Beliefs with Professional Ethics - R7 Centennial F, G, & H How Do I Counsel ________? Promoting Multiculturalism in the Classroom and Beyond: Diversity Meets Reality - R6 Centennial F, G, & H Making the Grade but Not the Cut: Managing Non-academic Gatekeeping in Counselor Education - R16 Centennial F, G, & H Plagiarism and Other Academic Dishonesty: Ethical Failure or Just Laziness? - R15 Centennial F, G, & H Playing Referee: Responding to Students' Concerns about Other Students - R13 Centennial F, G, & H Remediating the 21st Century Counseling Trainee: A Model for Counselor Educators - R8 Centennial F, G, & H Social Media Policy and Ethics in Counselor Education - R2 Centennial F, G, & H Supervision 2.0: Supervising and Training Counselors in a World of Technology and Social Media - R9 Centennial F, G, & H The Development of Self-aware Counseling Students - R14 Centennial F, G, & H ACES INFORM Advanced Research Track: Developing a Sustainable and Fundable Research Agenda Mineral D

3:30pm MDT

'More than a Melting Pot': Exploring Techniques for Providing Effective Supervision to Diverse Students in Counselor Education Programs Granite C A Tool for Supervisors to Monitor and Measure Supervisees' Professional Counselor Identity Mineral B Adventures in Teaching Research: An Activity-Based Model for Teaching a Master's Research Class Centennial B Creative Pedagogies: The Use of Service-Learning in Counselor Education Centennial C Exploring & Unmasking Supervision Archetypes: Tools for Forming Healthy, Productive Supervisory Relationships Agate A Globalization of Counseling: Toward Internationalizing the Counseling Research, Training, and Practice Mineral C How to Plan and Implement a Successful Play Therapy Training Intensive Centennial D Improving Pedagogy in Counselor Education Centennial A Mutual Empathy in Supervision: Applying Relational-Cultural Theory Quartz B Promoting Beginning Student Development Through Scaffolding in Teaching Basic Skills and Professional Dispositions Agate B Removing Barriers to Social Justice: Teaching School Counselors Their Role in Working with Students with Physical Disabilities Granite A Teaching Social and Cultural Issues in Counseling to Graduate Students in Counselor Education: Must Have Content, Assignments, and Technology Granite B Utilizing Mindfulness to Enhance Teaching and Learning for Counselors Agate C International Interest Network Mineral A Are We Ethically Responsible? Working with Children in Groups - R6 Centennial F, G, & H Corrective Feedback: A Tool for Working with Dispositional Issues - R9 Centennial F, G, & H Counseling Ethics Education Experience: An Interpretive Case Study of the First Year Master's Level Counseling Students - R4 Centennial F, G, & H Creating Connections: Reducing Cynicism in Counselor Education - R7 Centennial F, G, & H Creating On-Campus Clinical Sites that Provide Significant Internship Experiences & Also Benefit Your University - R12 Centennial F, G, & H Delusions, Fetishes, and Dog-Whispering: The Gatekeeping Issues They Didn't Tell Us About - R5 Centennial F, G, & H Diverse Paths to Measuring Competence: The Use of Case-and-Problem-Based Examinations in Counselor Education - R1 Centennial F, G, & H Evaluating Study Abroad Programs: A Central American Case Example - R14 Centennial F, G, & H Integrating Attachment Research into Clinical Supervision Models - R16 Centennial F, G, & H Let's Develop International Student-Friendly Counselor Education Programs - R13 Centennial F, G, & H Practicing What We Teach ~ Self Care and Wellness for Counselor Educators and Supervisors - R17 Centennial F, G, & H Ready, Set, Teach!: Exploring Evidence-based Teaching Strategies for Counselor Educators - R11 Centennial F, G, & H Tenured Women Counselor Educators at Research Universities: Navigating Multiple Roles and Personal Well-being - R18 Centennial F, G, & H Uniting Students Through Technology: Rewards and Challenges for Digital Dinosaurs - R15 Centennial F, G, & H When a Faculty Member Leaves: Picking up the Pieces - R8 Centennial F, G, & H When Values Conflict with Ethics - R2 Centennial F, G, & H Will You Be My Chair? The Important Yet Overlooked Role of Doctoral Advisors - R10 Centennial F, G, & H

4:30pm MDT

Beliefs versus Outcomes: Influential School Counselor Preparation Issues Centennial A Building Community and Collaborative Relationships in Introductory Counseling Courses Mineral C Counselors-in-Training with Visual Impairments: Special Needs and Pedagogical Considerations Granite A Developing Collaborative ePublished Textbooks Centennial B Early Childhood Mental Health: Why and How Should Counselors and Counselor Educators be Involved? Quartz B Embracing Research: A Qualitative Exploration of how Counselor Educators Promote Scholarship among Counselors Centennial C Enhancing Counselors-in-training Active Listening Skills through Song Lyrics: A Qualitative Study Agate B Peer-to-peer Supervision: An Application of Bernard's Discrimination Model Agate C Promoting Emotion Regulation in Counseling Supervisees Mineral F The Influence of Sexism in the Professional and Personal Lives of Women in Counselor Education Granite C The Lived Experience of Transformation in Counselor Training: A Hermeneutic Phenomenological Inquiry Mineral G Theory and Practice: Teaching Counseling Techniques from an Integrative Perspective Quartz A Training Counselors to be in the Classroom (TSCCAIN) Granite B Training Students in Research, Theory, and Practice: An Integrated Model for Student Learning and Faculty Achievement Mineral B Valuing Creativity in Counselor Education: Implications for Student Development Agate A Women's Interest Network Mineral A Admission Procedures: What We're Doing to Screen Applicants - R18 Centennial F, G, & H But I'm Not A Teacher! Preparing School Counseling Students As Educators (TSCCAIN) - R7 Centennial F, G, & H Conducting International School Counseling Research - R5 Centennial F, G, & H Counseling Individuals with Disabilities: Implications for Supervisors, Counselor Educators, and Supervisees - R15 Centennial F, G, & H Counselor Educators and Supervisor Role-Modeling as it Relates to Trainee's Growth and Development - R3 Centennial F, G, & H Counselor Training in Medical Settings: De-stigmatizing Services for Diverse Populations - R4 Centennial F, G, & H Diversity and Unity: Effectively Utilizing Varied Faculty Backgrounds in Counselor Education - R1 Centennial F, G, & H Do Supervisors and Counselor Educators Have an Empathy Veil? - R17 Centennial F, G, & H Early-career Counselor Educators Explore Experiential Classroom Activities - R6 Centennial F, G, & H Facilitating Social Justice Awareness: Expanding Counselor Educator Strategies in Challenging Environments - R12 Centennial F, G, & H Promoting Unity through Using Technology - R13 Centennial F, G, & H Promotion and Tenure: How to Prepare and Succeed - R10 Centennial F, G, & H That Awkward Moment When: Utilizing Unintended Critical Incidents in Counselor Education - R9 Centennial F, G, & H The Future is Now: Defining Counselor Education in 2025 - R8 Centennial F, G, & H Walking a Tightrope: Managing Academic Expectations While Being Mindful of Faculty Evaluations - R11 Centennial F, G, & H Walls and Bridges: Barriers and Opportunities for Effective Learning in Between Non-native Speaking and Native Speaking Educators and Students - R14 Centennial F, G, & H NCDA Commission Meeting Mineral D & E

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